Thursday, 7 April 2011

How it all started

I'd never heard of the term cuckold when I met my hubby (limpdick). I was pretty niaive and had no idea. Limpdick was always keen on trying new things in the bedroom and watched a lot of porn etc online. He is also a professional career man with much responsibility, looking back I believe he watched a lot of porn to find release from that responsibility. I must also point out that limpdick had a habit of making marital mistakes, I'm a very detailed wife and once discovered him suggesting he meet up with another woman! This episode proved to be the turning point in our relationship...

He was horrified to have been discovered and to his credit he did his best to put things right. He became very attentive and as things smoothed out between us we started looking at porn together and in particular cuckold porn. Limpdick always seemed to want to talk about it but because I didn't understand I gave it little time...However with a little coaxing from him it suddenly dawned on me what this could mean. It gave me power, it gave me freedom, with a little persuasion it gave me a fully attentive was a revelation.

The more I got to know the more it appealed, sit up and smell the coffee ladies..... your hubby must be mental to want to be cuckold, but if you have a mental hubby, accept it, research it and enjoy a great lifestyle.

I will endeavour to tell you more...... 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Becoming a cuckold wife

Welcome to my blogg, I am mistress T a 40 year old mistress who over the last several years has embraced the cuckold lifestyle and loved it. I'm blogging to hopefully provide an exciting read, which may improve your sex life and maybe help you to achieve the cuckold lifestyle you've been curious about for ages. Sometimes my bitch hubby or limpdick as I affectionately call him will enter posts to give you a couple of unique angles on a cuckold healthy marraige. Your comments, shared experiences, questions etc are all welcomed.